Secret Monday: Death & Dying in Hell Rising

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This past Secret Monday the plan was to run some of the earlier Elites to pick up any bits of gear that people still needed. The idea was to blow through all the bosses that we knew well and get lots of fat loots. It was a good plan … my nerve endings had other ideas.

In this fight with the Machine Tyrant in Hell Rising I die a lot, and comically. Thankfully, the Knights of Mercy rock, as they always do, and bring the big baddy down without my less than helpful shenanigans.


I’m not really sure exactly what was happening last night. In the week previous to this Secret Monday I’d been working on, and running with, a few different builds. I’d also, for kicks and to see something new, decided to swap out the Rocket Launcher, in my Elite DPS build, for the Quantum Brace, so maybe I wasn’t as spot on with all my key hits as I normally am. Or maybe, just maybe, I was in a “none of my fingers work” trough in my biorhythm or something. Who knows? Whatever it was I totally sucked and am really glad I run with such a great group of folks who not only laughed along with me, but also managed to win despite my lameness. It’s all in the video above.


For this Secret Monday, I dressed up as 40s Teamster, or something. I think this What Did Chucho Wear will forever go down in my wardrobe history as the worst luck outfit ever. Not like MMO Gamer Chick‘s red hot pants, which are clearly good luck for everyone.

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