Elite Dangerous: Exploring with Eden

A little over a week ago I finally broke down and bought VoiceAttack after a brief experiment with the free trial. There is a bit of a learning curve in getting VoiceAttack set up, but thankfully there are lots of tutorials and guides all over Youtube and Google, as well as the VoiceAttack site itself. Even better than building a profile yourself, though, is picking one up that’s also voiced by professional voice actors. Enter HCS Voice Packs. I myself was aware of them even before I knew about VoiceAttack. In fact, it was HCS Voice Packs that finally pushed me over the edge, so when I bought VoiceAttack, I also bought their Eden voice pack. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to manual control of my ship again.

Eden and VoiceAttack are definitely handy in combat and pretty much every other aspect of Elite Dangerous, but since I’m currently on my way to Colonia, I thought I’d offer a short video to showcase how much fun it is to explore the Milky Way with Eden, or really any of HCS‘ voice packs. I’ve done a few minor tweaks to the voice pack, mostly for timing and for how I like to say things, but otherwise it’s stock. Enjoy the show.

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