ROSS 154 – BIRKELAND CITY: 10/19/3303

Following up on a lead I overheard in the Spinning Wheel Bar on Jameson Memorial, I made my way to Birkeland City in ROSS 154 to check out reports of a missing security officer.

The short article lead me to ROSS 446. I was able to pick up the location beacon of a listening post in that system as soon as I dropped out of Hyperspace.

A quick scan of the listening post revealed some tantalizing clues and led me to venture to the ISTANU system.

It took some scanning of the systems bodies, but eventually I located an Unauthorized Installation in orbit around ISTANU 1 F. What I found there is terrifying. The place is swarming with pirates. Scarlett left logs behind, and hopefully this Escape Pod I found is the missing officer. I’m returning it to the Search and Rescue offices on Birkeland City. With some luck, Officer Scarlett’s sacrifices won’t be for naught.

*Credit for the original discovery of this vignette goes to, CMDR Isokix.

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