About Tenten


The short version is: gamer, avid reader, and fanoldman (it’s been a couple decades since the word ‘boy’ was applicable to me). I like long movies in the dark, peacan pie, and sharks with freakin’ lasers on their heads. You’ll find that little blurb in just about every profile I have wherever I lurk in social media.

Expounding a bit on that, I’ve been a gamer since I was first introduced, in 1980, to Dungeons & Dragons on the front porch of my neighbor’s house in Guam. That’s right I said Guam.

As a Navy Brat I spent most of my childhood moving to and making new friends in places with weird names. This probably went a long way towards making me find ways to entertain myself. Pen & Paper RPGs gradually led to digital ones, as technology progressed, making me a fan, to this day, of all the sorts of things you’d expect it to.

I read extensively, mostly Fantasy & Science Fiction (though I prefer Space Operas to hard SciFi), I like comic books (though I usually wait for the trades of series I like), I attend conventions when I can (with camera in hand … I don’t dress up, but I love to see the folks who do), I love movies of the same ilk as the books I like, and I can hold my own in arguments about who would win in a fight between The Hulk and Wolverine (The Hulk ALWAYS wins, no matter who he is fighting).

Somewhere in all the time that has passed so far I also gained a healthy appreciation for music. I play guitar and bass, drums, trumpet, and a smattering of piano. I sometimes record terrible covers of songs I like, not because I think one day I’ll be famous, but because I enjoy the process. I share many of those covers because, well, I did it, so why the hell not.

In the real world I am a software developer employed by a giant telecommunications company. I’m married to a beautiful data analyst who is also an amateur astronomer and a master gardener. We are the parents of a 13 year old geek in training.

There, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know.

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