World of Warcraft: Choppers, and Golems, and Camels, Oh My



Well, it’s been a pretty eventful week since the launch of Patch 6.0.2, but the biggest thing I was able to complete was the Legendary Cloak quest line. That’s Tenelle, my Resto Shaman, up there with her fancy new cloak on. It was A LOT of work for those sweet angel wings, but I feel like it was worth it. I just wish I could Transmogrify this cloak’s appearance onto the next cloak I inevitably get on Draenor.


I also went back with Tenelle and finally finished the Ramkahen reputation grind from Cataclysm so that I could get my camel mount. I actually went in and soloed every Cataclysm Heroic. It was WAY easier than I expected it to be. Finished up the grind from midway through Revered to Exalted in no time at all.


Tenelle also finished up the last bit of daily, soulbound, Engineering cooldowns to complete her Sky Golem mount. Man, thirty days of crafting and no way around it, but definitely worth it.


This thing has some of the coolest animations I’ve seen on any mount in the game thus far. It kind of feels like being Azeroth’s Iron Man; not the hero they need, but the one they deserve (shut up, I can mix superhero metaphors if I want).


The fact that, like most mounts in game these days, it’s account wide makes it even more awesome. That’s Gosur up there riding around like a proper Goblin now.


Speaking of Gosur, the winning Horde chopper from Azeroth Choppers arrived in game along with Patch 6.0.2. I actually didn’t expect it until Warlords officially launched, but it seems that honor is being reserved for the losing Alliance chopper … For The Horde!


Patch 6.0.2 has also brought with it the Iron Invasion. I have to say that over all this pre-launch event is a bit laking when compared to the zombie attacks and plague spreading from pre Wrath of the Lich King or Deathwing’s deadly flyovers from pre Cataclysm. And the event version of the new Upper Blackrock Spire is just weird. It’s not even clear when the instance is over; it tells you that it is, but there’s still two bosses on the map and no way to get to them (believe me, we spent a good half hour looking).


The one upshot is that you do get to see Thrall in the Blasted Lands, still looking like Ice Cube (seriously, am I the only one who sees it).


You, of course also get to see Maraad, just across the beach, looking all grim and self loathing. Xue couldn’t help but make faces at him. Why so serious?


We also, FINALLY, get to see Vol’Jin standing at his throne in Orgrimmar. The new Warchief looks pretty good up there, I have to say. He’s no Thrall, but he’s a damn sight better than Garrosh.


Of course Patch 6.0.2 also brought with it the character model updates. For the most part I’m pretty happy with the changes. For good or ill Tenelle looks a bit more “human” than she did before.


And the facial animation changes during the emotes, clearly a result of a higher fidelity in the underlying mesh, are pretty damned awesome. So, that’s definitely a good thing.


Some of the faces aren’t so great though. The female orc seems to have only one basic face, with textures applied over it. That’s probably ok, except that the face looks a little derpy to me … her eyes are too close together.


Luckily they’ve added a new Face toggle to the Barber Shop interface, so I was able to play around with it to make it less derby (to me at least).


After I was done running all my alts through the Iron Invasion, and tweaking their appearances, I decided to spend some time working on a Transmogrification set for my Druid, Tenedor. I did this by soloing old Burning Crusade Heroics to get the Assassination set pieces. For the most part this only required one or two runs in each, but it took ten, yes TEN, full clears of Black Morass to get the gloves. Stupid Medihv.


Still, I feel like it was worth it. I also got a nice drop to Transmog my staff, so I got that going for me.


Finally, Hallow’s End started this past Sunday. The Headless Horseman has a whole slew of ilvl540 rings for everyone to collect, and there are a few new Toys, to drop into your new Toy Box, from the Event Vendors. So, get cracking and collect all those Tricky Treats. I’ll be doing that and finishing up Gosur’s Legendary Cloak quest line (which should actually get finished this week).

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