Secret Monday: The Knights of Mercy vs. Hell Eternal (Elite)

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This Secret Monday, the Knights of Mercy decided to tackle one of the three dungeons in Transylvania. This is significant both because these dungeons are only available in Elite mode and because none of us had been inside any of them. After a bit of back an forth we settled on Hell Eternal. While most of the bosses proved to be no problem at all, much to our collective chagrin, the trash between them and leading up to the final boss was otherwise (stupid damage reflecting shields). Still, we did manage to make it all the way to Eblis, and even take that fallen angel down. Below I present the footage from that fight, complete with the final cut-scene and a couple of wipes leading up to it. After all, we are the Knights of MercyWe Wipe It.

All in all it was actually a very fun run, with minimal hiccups (especially considering we’d never seen the content before), and because we’d already run the two previous Hell based dungeons, we all got our fancy Dandy Hellraiser duds. Look at those fancy scars … er, wait, those are scars. Helloooo, Nurse! Ahem!


I honestly had a blast running this dungeon and am looking forward to the last two in the zone. Next week I think we’re going back to some of the earlier Elites to help some of our guildies get geared up. And, since no Secret Monday is complete without finding out What Chucho Wore, here it is. This week, since I’d just unlocked the Gladiator deck over the Black Weekend, I went with that, adding the CDC Mask and the Lamp Helmet (when I could remember to activate it). I call it, Killer Village Person. See you next week! Same bat time … blah  blah blah.


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