The Secret World: Apparently, the Gatekeeper is Yellah’

Right, so I went into The Secret World today with the idea of going back to Ol’Yeller and recording the fight this time. Little did I know that the Gatekeeper is yellow for a reason. That’s right, he’s a big, fat, yellow CHICKEN, because once you beat him he is no longer available to fight; stepping into the portal that used to take you to him now just delivers you to the entrance of Nightmare Polaris, on the Nightmare Dungeon Agartha Branch.

Needless to say I was appropriately bummed, and will remember this for the future if I ever get an Alt far enough to challenge him again. In the mean time I decided to scour YouTube in hopes of finding a video that used a similar weapon build and strategy to the one I used. After all, I did promise (sort of) you guys a video.

This first video I found doesn’t use the same weapon build, but it’s hilarious and very close to my experience with the Gatekeeper. While Kaelle, of RubayyyTV, sticks rather close to the Gatekeeper (no doubt owing to using a shotgun for the fight … and a strategy I would assume would work for you melee deeps), I on the other hand was able to run around the outer edge of the platform with my handy, dandy assault rifle. Still, the principle is the same … the ‘poopillion‘ (Kaelle’s word, not mine) deaths though? Yeah, that’s spot on. Enjoy:

This next video, from FlyNavy1271, is much closer to the way I did it but, again, I stayed along the outer edge of the platform for the whole fight. PokeyNipples (nice name) does use an AR/Elem build, like I did though, and also uses Magnetic Wipe for the purge like I did, so there is that. It is not nearly as entertaining as Kaelle‘s video, but I present it for build similarity.

For completion’s sake, I thought I would also include a pure melee DPS version of the fight. Here’s Poohberty‘s Fists build fight against the Gatekeeper.

Anywho, there’s some videos of the DPS version of the Gatekeeper fight. I hope this helps anyone looking for some tips. In all honesty, once you learn what to avoid, the fight is no big deal (when appropriately geared). Expect to give it several tries, though.

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