Elder Monday: Our Hearts Swell with Sewage


Lately Secret Monday has been turning into Elder Monday. Fear not, for this is but a temporary transformation. Most of the members of the Knights of Mercy are eagerly awaiting Issue 9 and the launch of Tokyo in The Secret World, but in the mean time we’re filling the dearth of content in TSW with dungeon runs in The Elder Scrolls Online.


This Monday, as Stalwart (see what I did there) members of the Daggerfall Covenant, we tackled Wayrest Sewers and Crypt of Hearts, the group dungeons in Stormhaven and Rivenspire respectively. I should mention that despite the fact that I’m level 45 (I skipped all the dungeons when I was making my way solo through the PvE content), and technically over-leveled for these dungeons (though the rest of my group was at level), they were still challenging and a lot of fun. And if you’ve skipped them like I did, going back and doing them will net you a Skill Point, so it’s totally worth it.

For me, at least, this game is infinitely better when played with friends. I suppose, though, that that could be said for any game. The grouping is still funky (and doesn’t always work — sorry Mark), but the content that is designed for groups is well done.

Given that this coming Monday is is Memorial Day and that (fingers crossed) I’m anticipating Issue 9 to hit sometime late next week, I expect this will be the last Elder Monday. Who knows, though.

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