The Secret World: The Whispering Tide Begins


The Filthy Siege on Agartha has begun, but it seems that (for now) it will just involve crafting and farming Pure Metal.

To get started you’ll need to head into Agartha to locate the new infected portal. The easiest way I found to get to it is to head left (when facing the Solomon Island branch) along the main platform, and jump off the edge to the branch below. You should see, down that branch, a portal that is swirling with Filthy energy.

Once there, you’ll find a quest that will have you using up all your stockpiled Pure Metal to create a currency that the new Custodian, near the London Portal, accepts for new goodies. The quest seems to be endlessly repeatable with no cool down.

I dumped all of my Pure Metal. It looks like I’ll be farming weapon drops for the foreseeable future. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your presents on the Claim Items tab in the in-game store.


  1. Sylow September 24, 2013 10:34 am  Reply

    This part of the activities is over. Due to a very busy weekend I unfortunately only did the metal to currency conversion a few times and left again, as i planed to do more on monday. Now yesterday the “power those anti-filth stuff” mission was gone. Instead, you now can enter a mini-instance every 30 minutes, where you kill some stuff and get 1 unit of the other currency (you need two different currencies to buy at the golem) in return.

    • Tenten September 24, 2013 10:43 am  Reply

      Yeah. I was bummed about that. But we did do the portal quest last night. I posted about that this morning. 🙂

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