Neverwinter: Finally Reached Max Level


Well, it’s done. I finally hit level cap in Neverwinter on my main (and only) character, the Tiefling Trickster Rogue Aralynn Devilscry. I am, at present, about half-way through Rothé Valley (I did a lot of leveling doing Foundry stuff and Professions) which means that, story-wise, I still have Mount Hotenow and Whispering Caverns left to go. I’m not really sure, at this point, what more I’ll do if I ever even complete those zones.


End-Game doesn’t really hold a lot of interest for me, and with Tim (my Cantankerous Mage) at his level cap there’s not much reason to earn more experience. I have a pretty sweet mount too, though he is only blue so I suppose that shooting for some sort of purple mount might be in order. I do also want that Angel companion, but all I need to do to earn that is continue to say my daily prayers which I do intend to keep doing.

It’s a little sad for me, though, because I really really wanted to like this game more, but I find myself falling into the same funk I got in over Guild Wars 2. I love the game, in theory. It’s gorgeous, the systems are unique and dynamic, but I just don’t feel much oomph to continue. For now, I’ll just keep praying and see what happens. Maybe the addition of new races and/or classes might spark a more concerted return some day.

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