The Secret World: A Dream to Kill – All the Cut Scenes

Warning: Spoilers Abound!

If you haven’t completed Issue #7, A Dream to Kill, in The Secret World, I highly advise you wait to watch this video.

For those who love this sort of thing, like I do, and are just amazed by the quality of Funcom’s cinematic work in The Secret World, I decided to put all of the cut scenes from Issue #7, A Dream to Kill, in one place. I’d originally planned to record them all in one run, but one of them was ruined during that recording, so I had to pick it up another day. As a result, Chucho has a costume changed (from Sexy French Resistance to Sihkrit Agent Man and back) mid-way through.

I hope you enjoy twenty minutes of The Secret World cinematic goodness, starring Chucho the Recklessly Brave.

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