The Secret World: Backpacks and Origami

Chucho and the Adorable Brown Backpack

Chucho and the Grey Backpack

ZRow and the Adorable Brown Backpack

ZRow and the Grey Backpack

Last month Funcom announced an Item of the Month poll for the month of July. For those of you unfamiliar with the Item of the Month, if you maintain a subscription to The Secret World, you get a free item (usually an item of clothing) on the first of every month as a sort of thank you gift from Funcom for your support of The Secret World. In this poll they first asked the community to offer suggestions on what July’s Item of the Month should be. After that they narrowed the suggestions down to ten doable ones and then put up a poll. I was dying for a backpack (since until now there weren’t any in the game), so that’s what I voted for. Luckily it won (by a very narrow margin against Faction Necklace & Earings – 214 to 210), and today they have appeared in the game. You can scroll through the gallery above to see how they look. They actually put two in: a normal backpack in grey and an adorable animal backpack with a decidedly Japanese/Anime theme. Hurray!

Today is also the day for the month the Game Director’s Letter comes out. I’m really excited to hear we’re getting a Mission Pack this week (Sidestories: Love and Loathing), however I’m wondering if we’ll be required to purchase it or whether it’s included as part of our purchase of Issue #9. I guess we’ll know soon enough. Still, super cool!


  1. Sylow July 3, 2014 8:20 pm  Reply

    By now we know that the mission pack has to be bought seperately. But at least for me as GM, they paid attention on being fair: although my bonus points were spent on issue #9 and the ballistic veil outfit, i was able to purchase the mission pack with bonus points. So yes, right now i am in negative bonus points. Sevenhundred-something below zero bonus points, which will fix itself in like two weeks, when my next delivery of bonus points arrives.

    So, thumbs up, that was a fair move to allow me to get the mission pack right away without having to buy FC points. (Which i will do anyway, the moment they deliver the next cool outfit, but that’s a completely different topic. 🙂 )

    • Tenten July 3, 2014 10:51 pm  Reply

      Yeah. I plunked down five bucks to pick up the mission pack. I just happened to have enough points left over to be able to pick it up with just 500 more. No big, though, because my stipend will come in next week.

  2. Sylow July 3, 2014 8:26 pm  Reply

    PS: The adorable backpack was a very “vile” move. For the first time my girl now has a month of subscription. When i saw the backpack i knew her reaction and when i saw her (predicted) reaction on the backpack in the game, i just had to gift her a month of subscription. Noooo way around that any more. 😀

    • Tenten July 3, 2014 10:51 pm  Reply

      Hahaha. Too funny. 😀

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