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In this Secret Monday post I’ll be tackling part 2 of 4 in my on going series of walkthroughs for the latest Investigation Missions in The Secret World. Last week I covered The Animate Clay, and this week I’m doing Immersion, with lots of help from my Knights of Mercy friends. As with last week’s post, if you have not completed the mission or are not here looking for some help with it, stop reading now. Spoilers abound after the bump.


Somebody at Funcom loved Zork. I even felt shades of Nethack at certain times. I should point out that even in their heyday, neither of these games were favorites of mine. Still, it was definitely a novelty to play a text based adventure game, within an MMO, that lead me to virtual things in a game world. Having the Knights of Mercy with me was a HUGE help (I’m looking at you, SypMogsy, and Rich), but I do have to admit that this particular Investigation Mission made for a very quite TeamSpeak channel as we read our way from zone to zone.


The typographical trek begins with Lisa Hui at the coordinates indicated on the map received when Sidestories: Further Analysis is picked up. A cut scene, in which Lisa is her usual snotty, over-stressed self, will trigger when picking up Immersion. Once the cut scene is over, click on Lisa’s tablet to pick it up and head South to map coordinates 427, 840. Clicking on the laptop located at those coordinates will kick things off. You’ll also then need to right-click on the tablet in your inventory.


At this point I’m in a bit of a quandary as to how to proceed with the walkthrough. Each tier of the mission is a separate text adventure. When you solve each adventure you get a passcode that acts as a save point in the mission. Traveling to the in-game area described in each adventure leads you to an SD card that contains the next adventure. Theoretically, if one doesn’t care about all the amazing flavor text and story in the text adventures, I could just hand out the passcodes and coordinates for each SD. But, that would sort of fall flat for those that DO care about the text. So, what I have done is linked a separate image, containing the steps for each adventure, to each image that corresponds with that tier. The image also contains the passcode and the coordinates for the next location if you just want to skip it all. Your adventure begins by clicking on the image above.


Completing the first text adventure should lead you to the location pictured above. The helicopter that passes over will drop off a crate. Use the last four digit code you received to open the crate and get the SD card containing the next adventure. You will need to put the SD card into the tablet using the crafting interface. Once that is assembled, fire up the tablet again (right-click on it) and start the next adventure.


As before, solving the previous text adventure will lead you to the location pictured above where you will find another SD card. In order to put this next SD card into the tablet, you first need to remove the one currently in it. This is done by disassembling the tablet using the crafting interface. Once disassembled, you can then assemble the tablet with the new SD card to start the next adventure.


Once again, you should be at the location pictured above after completing the previous adventure. As before, disassemble the tablet to remove the previous SD card, pick up the new one located on the desk, and then put it into the tablet using the crafting interface. Isn’t this fun!?


In order to actually reach the crate at the next location you are led to, you have to die. To do this, go back up the stairs and to the left to the Tuppenny Dreadful storefront and right-click on the Journeys Beyond Static poster. Then run back to the crate location and you’ll be able to pass beyond the bars (you should also get the Stranger than Fiction achievement). Click on the crate, collect the next SD card, disassemble and reassemble, and prepare for the finale. Note, make sure you step back beyond the bars before you resurrect. Otherwise … yeaaaah.


Heading to the last location indicated will treat you to a pretty neat little closing animation, as well as the completion of the mission. I have to say that, overall and despite the sometimes frustrating exactness of the text parser, this was a pretty enjoyable little trip down video game memory lane.


I hope that the steps provided are helpful to anyone here looking for guidance. I cannot vouch 100% for their accuracy; I did my best to take notes, but it is what it is. They should, at least, give you an idea of what each adventure is looking for and where you need to go to get the next one. Tune in next week for the further Investigation adventures of the Knights of Mercy.


  1. Alex April 22, 2014 5:13 pm  Reply

    Nice walkthrough! One thing you guys missed though – you don’t have to use /reset to get to the final crate. There is an achievement for entering the spirit world the same way you do in the text adventure.

    • Tenten April 22, 2014 5:21 pm  Reply

      Thanks! And yeah. I figured that out earlier today. LOL I updated the post. I’ll be repeating it later in the week to get the achievement.

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