Secret Monday: Double Stuff Oreos

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Last night, for this week’s Secret Monday, a handful of the Knights of Mercy said, “Up yours,” to Saint Patrick and dove into some Scenarios to take advantage of the last bit of the Scenarios Weekend and the accompanying 50% extra Aureus (Double-Stuff Oreos) award.

Mogsy, Rowan, Scooter, Syp, and I pretty much bowled over The Hotel and The Mansion, earning Platinum  and Gold awards respectively, but The Castle gave us some trouble … it seemed as though there were wolves in the walls! Still, we came out at the end with our pockets overflowing with Oreos. Syp was able to pick up his purple shotgun, and Mogsy and I capped off an achievement to earn the black Council of Venice t-shirt.

I’m sporting said shirt in the picture above, along with the black Council of Venice hoodie, black cargo shorts, and the red skater shoes. I also put on the Fiery Green Eyes, as a little nod to Saint Patrick, and my gold headphones because I was there to PARTY!

I think I only need The Hotel and The Castle in Solo Elite mode to round out the Scenario Achievements (minus the Nightmare Achievements because, yeah right). I may try to solo those soon and see what happens. I mean, I just need one survivor to, well, survive to get the achievement. How hard could that be? — cue ominous music —

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