TORsday: Lokairee Meets HK-51 (Finally)



Earlier in the week, I managed PUG The Foundry Hardmode, and The False Emperor to pick up the last two pieces I needed to assemble HK-51. My thinking was I’d then be free to help out any one else when the Imperial Mercenary Corps got together for this week’s TORsday. All the components in hand, I went back to Section X on Belsavis to run the last quest and get my new Companion. The Lord Of Agony Heroic 2+ is definitely best done in a group; there are many pulls of multiple mobs with very hard hitting bad guys. I wasn’t able to solo it.

On TORsday I jumped into a group with Pid and Syp and one other guild member to help them run the two Flashpoints for their last two components. We mowed through them and then all went back to Belsavis to take down the Lord of Agony. This time through it was orders of magnitude easier. I highly recommend a group if you still need to do this.


At the end of the night we all had our new companions. Here’s a shot of Lokairee, my Chiss Mercenary Bounty Hunter, and her new pal, HK-51. It occurred to me last night that we have quite a few Bounty Hunters. I may bring up Golu, my Sith Assassin, as well. He does a good deal more DPS than Lokairee (especially since she’s really geared for healing). I think next week we’ll be jumping into Story Mode Eternity Vault for our first Operation as a newly reunited group. I’m looking forward to it.

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