I Saved Teddy, but the Vampire Still Eludes Me


Oh, great and might Cthulhu, but I do hate jumping puzzles. Still, I’m like a dog with a bone when there are achievements attached to them. Today, on what is now I think my fourth complete play through A Dream to Kill, I finally completed the jumping puzzle in I Walk into Empty, and got the elusive letter ‘B‘. This allowed me to complete the secret word at the end, before waking Emma. For my dogged efforts I got a t-Shirt and my very own teddy, named Raggy; he doesn’t do much, but he’s pretty damned adorable, so who cares? If you walk too far away from him he falls over, adorably, and disappears.

I did take another shot at the Ancient Vampire, in Hatchet Falls, but was once again unable to dispatch him in time for the achievement. I think this one is going to be one of those things that will require the assistance of the rest of the Knights of Mercy to get done. Maybe we’ll attempt this some Secret Monday when everyone is up for it.

For now I will continue running The Last Train to Cairo and A Dream to Kill, when they are off cooldown, so I can get enough Credits of Ca’ d’Oro to get all of the Issue #7 things (I must have ALL the things). I’m almost there …

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