The Secret World: The Desert Guardian(s) is/are Up


It appears that the Desert Guardians are up. The title is a little ambiguous because I’ve only seen the City of the Sun God Guardian (sand), and I am still waiting on the Scorched Desert Guardian. The fight for the City of the Sun God Guardian is the complete opposite from the Solomon Islands Guardians; seems Melee have the advantage in at least the City of the Sun God fight. The Sand Guardian does a massive AoE that you can pretty much only avoid if you run up behind him. Running up in front of him will take you right into his Cleave which will once-shot you like the AoE. I died a lot until I figured this out and I’m still not 100% sure on it. In any case, we brought him down and I won this sweet Monocle for my troubles. I will update when and if I see the Scorched Desert Guardian.

UPDATE: The Scorched Desert Guardian (fire) is confirmed to be up. He spawns at the end of New Road, where the lava fields are. He has a buff that damages you every time you hit him; the harder you hit him the harder he hits back. My advice is either go in with a ranged attack that hits for a small amount and heals for a small amount, or a pocket healer that will keep you up as you smack him down.

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