The Secret World – Cover to Cover

Issue #14

Call of the Nameless

Issue #13

Trail of Shadows

Issue #12

To the Dark Tower Below

Issue #11

Reaping the Whirlwind

Issue #10

Nightmares in the Dream Palace

Issue #9

The Black Signal

Samhain 2013

Spooky Stories from Solomon Island

Issue #8

The Venetian Agenda

Issue #7

A Dream to Kill

Issue #6

The Last Train to Cairo

Issue #5

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

Issue #4

Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Issue #3

The Cat God

Issue #2

Digging Deeper

Issue #1


I’ve been really jonesin’ the last couple of days for the latest issue of The Secret World to hurry up and get released already. On days like this, I start flipping through the covers for the previous issues; I really love that Funcom chose to approach the release of issues as though the game were a comic book. It occurred to me that it’d be nice to have them all neatly in one place. Sure, Funcom has them on The Secret World website, but you have to dig through many many months of news posts to find them. Google Images has them too but, lets face it, that’s worse than digging through the news posts. So, I thought I would gather them all here  in a nice gallery where anyone could flip through them like I do. I’ll be adding each new cover as issues are released.

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