Secret Monday – The Ankh (Elite)

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After a two week break (it’s tough to run Elite dungeons when you have a belly full of hot dogs and potato salad) the Knights of Mercy were back at it again, this time tackling The Ankh (Elite). There was some trepidation on all our parts, as our collective past experience with this dungeon in normal mode was not all sunshine and roses. Our resident tank, MMOGamerChick, had been trying to put it off, but we were having no more of her shenanigans. We strapped a Filth attractor to her back and shoved her down the shaft.


As expected, Dr. Klein proved to be the toughest part of the dungeon (and really, any fight involving him and his big, ugly buddy up there), but by sticking to our Guild Motto (The Knights of Mercy – We Wipe It), and trying new tactics we prevailed. There were no shortage of dirty ball jokes, and I even might have shot my wad too early a couple of times, but it all worked out in the end.



We even had time for a second victory shot on Homer‘s giant, petrified hand. From left to right, pictured, are your’s trullyMMOGamerChickPidMr. MMOGamerChick, and PaganRites. I didn’t want to get any of my fancy clothes dirty, so I just went in in board shorts and a wife beater.


Here’s a closer look at What Chucho Wore on Secret Monday. All kidding aside, I thought the run went incredibly smoothly. We had a few wipes and a few missteps, but we learned quickly, reconfigured effectively, and cleared the dungeon in an hour and a half. All in all a great night. I’m not sure we’ll be tackling Hell Fallen (Elite) next or not. I think we might redo some of the past dungeons to get everyone fully geared up in Blue 10s. Either way, I am looking forward to next Secret Monday.

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